Why Laughter Is The Best Medicine

It was perfect timing. My wife had just delivered an uproariously funny comedic line causing me to begin to laugh violently. The only problem was that I was exactly in the middle of a swallow of Sprite…and driving at 70 miles per hour! Needless to say, that laugh hurt and caused me to spew Sprite all over myself. I have never experienced trying to laugh mid-swallow before or since, but I do not recommend it. The most humorous part of that experience is that neither my wife nor I could ever remember what it was that she said!

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Based on the internet research I did, it appears that no one person is credited with coining the phrase “Laughter is the best medicine.” It seems there are several similar phrases credited to various individuals. Others consider it to derive from Proverbs 17:22 in the Bible which says “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.” Regardless of its origin, it seems to be something that most people believe to be true.

How To Conquer The Temptation To Give Up

Writing this week’s post has been exceedingly difficult. Although I have attempted to diagnose why I cannot determine a specific reason. I have definitely met with resistance while attempting to write this week. Trying to compose my thoughts has felt like trying to wade through molasses. Assembling ideas into a coherent narrative has been all but impossible. Frankly, it was maddening.

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Moments such as these have been few and far between for me over the past year and a half. There have only been a handful of weeks where I faced writer’s block. But it hit me hard this week. I tried physical activity to stem my restlessness. I tried sitting in quiet solitude to find inspiration. Nada. Zip. Zero. Nothing.

How To Enjoy The Qualities Of Cherished Friendships

This week I had the opportunity to sit down for breakfast with a dear friend. As we began to discuss the happenings in our lives, I learned that my friend’s family was going to be moving to Florida within the next month. What a shocker! It was not the news I expected or wanted to hear. My family is not ready for our friends to leave!

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As I have processed the news of my friend’s departing, I was reminded of a time almost ten years ago when my wife and I left our adopted home in Alabama. We spent a number of our formative years in very close relationship with a group of families. My friend’s pending departure has reminded me of the feelings I experienced when I had to leave those close relationships in Alabama.

Do Not Miss The Benefits Of Writing

More than one year ago I embarked on the journey of publishing this blog. In fact, almost exactly a year ago is when my original commitment to write a blog each week ran out. My goal was to make it from the beginning of June to Labor Day 2016 posting every Monday. There were times when I felt like giving up, but thankfully, I was able to overcome that resistance and did not allow failure to be an option.

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Although I was a good student in English class during my years of schooling, I never considered myself much of a writer. I was a math and science person. My attitude towards writing was one of something I had to do in order to get good grades. I do not recall ever thinking it might be an activity for enjoyment. And yet…I have now written a blog post every week for fifteen months.

How To Navigate Incidents On The Highway Of Life

As I slowly crept along the interstate one day last week, the sign above the road caught my attention. I have written about impatience with my commute previously, but on this day the sign warning of an incident ahead took on a deeper meaning.

Thoughts flashed across my mind, and I was struck with the sensation that we all have incidents ahead in life. These unexpected events may be blips on the radar and minor irritations, or they may turn out to be something very large and time-consuming. As much as we try to take the unpredictability out of life, we inevitably come up against circumstances out of our control.

How To Be An Everyday Superhero

The superhero genre of TV shows and movies is big right now. FlashArrowSupergirl, and Wonder Woman are just a few of the examples. The last several years have seen a resurgence of superheroes making the leap off the comic book pages onto the screen. Why?

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Perhaps it is, quite simply, that the world is starving for heroes. It seems that many people hold out hope that wrongs should be righted and good should triumph over evil. Often times, the perception is that we live in a world exactly opposite of this hope. In a world overrun with an endless supply of problems, is there a way we can make a difference? Can we be a hero to someone in the orbit of our life?

Reminders About Good Communication From A Crying Baby

After lying in bed listening to my six-month-old daughter fuss for fifteen-plus minutes, I could not take it anymore. I had to get up and take action. As I attempted to comfort her, I thought of the many times before that I had been in the same situation. Holding a little one not knowing exactly how to help or what is wrong. In moments of exasperation I just want to know what she wants!

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In the simplest terms, the scenario described above boils down to one of communication. Infants are not equipped to communicate what it is that is troubling them. As I reflected on my sleep-deprived night, I remembered how important it is to communicate well.

Why is it Necessary to be Thankful?

The camera pans through a dimly lit old house. It is dark with not much light emanating from anywhere. Dust covers everything in various thicknesses. Countertops are dirty and strewn with clutter. The living area is unkept and grimy. Finally, the camera settles on a gnarled-up old hermit sitting grumpily in a beat-up high-backed leather chair.

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What words come to mind when you envision this scene? I would wager a significant sum of money that one of those words is not thankful. Well, perhaps just thankful that it is not your life. I imagine the pictures described above as the type of spirit that hovers around those who do not live a life of thankfulness. Descriptive words such as critical, ungrateful, lonely, and uncaring seem to characterize people who are not thankful.

How To Ride The Roller Coaster Of Life

Roller coasters have never been my thing. I experience motion sickness riding in the back of cars sometimes. I shut my eyes when the sensations caused by IMAX films become too realistic. I can only imagine what an actual roller coaster ride must feel like.

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While I may not have physically experienced a roller coaster, the past couple weeks have been quite the emotional ride. My journey has taken many ups and downs during this latest period of time. Here is a synopsis of the major events.

3 Fundamentals For Life From Tennis

Over the weekend the 2017 edition of The Championships, Wimbledon wrapped up. This event is the third major championship for the top men and women tennis players in the world. As a child, this event captured my attention. I remember watching Breakfast at Wimbledon on NBC and I especially enjoyed the musical highlight reel that they always showed at the end of the tournament.

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In my youth I imagined myself playing at Wimbledon. Every year after the event was on TV I was inspired to go to the tennis courts. If I couldn’t find a friend to go with me then I would hit balls off a wall. I never could beat that wall! I still dream of someday traveling to London to attend The Championships, watch tennis and eat strawberries and cream.