3 Fundamentals For Life From Tennis

Over the weekend the 2017 edition of The Championships, Wimbledon wrapped up. This event is the third major championship for the top men and women tennis players in the world. As a child, this event captured my attention. I remember watching Breakfast at Wimbledon on NBC and I especially enjoyed the musical highlight reel that they always showed at the end of the tournament.

Photo Credit: marksontennis via pixabay

In my youth I imagined myself playing at Wimbledon. Every year after the event was on TV I was inspired to go to the tennis courts. If I couldn’t find a friend to go with me then I would hit balls off a wall. I never could beat that wall! I still dream of someday traveling to London to attend The Championships, watch tennis and eat strawberries and cream.

As I watched the championship matches this weekend I observed several takeaways that are instructive about life.

  1. Those who serve well, win. When playing tennis it is very important that you win the games when you are serving. A tennis player who has an excellent serve already has an advantage over the competition. The same is true in life. When we serve other people with love and kindness they are impacted in a positive way. A quick note, a smile, or a thoughtful card can demonstrate our care for others.
  2. It takes two people to create amazing results. The most exciting tennis is when two opponents are playing their best and creating thrilling back and forth action. This is a good reminder for us about relationships. Our friendships cannot be one sided with no engagement from the other party. When both parties to a relationship are willing to give and take it creates a synergy that strengthens the bond between them. One person making an effort to connect with another who is uninterested is like a tennis player serving and the other player never hitting the ball back. It is no fun for either of them!
  3. It is easy to miss the hard work behind the glory experienced in the tournament victory. These victories are years in the making. This year’s champions both have been playing tennis for 20+ years. Garbiñe Muguruza, the women’s champion started playing at the age of three! Hours of practice every day, hard work, and excellence sustained over a long period of time are the ingredients to help us reach the pinnacle of achievement in our area of expertise.

There are situations around us every day that can remind us of some basic fundamentals of life. Tennis just happened to be that reminder for me this week. I hope that the inspiration above will provide a fresh perspective for you. I also encourage you not to miss your opportunity to find insights in the ordinary this week.

Question: In what situations have you found inspiration lately? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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