An Inspirational Story from a Miracle Realized

As I was perusing Facebook over the Thanksgiving holiday I ran across a post by a friend.  The post chronicled the story of a family who fled war-torn Sudan four years ago.  The pregnant mother and two small children made the trip to Dallas Texas, but because of a lack of paperwork the husband was left behind.  There was very little hope of the family ever being reunited.  Last week, nothing short of a miracle was realized when the father arrived in Texas to rejoin his family.  Watch the drama unfold below.  Here is a link to more details of the back story.

I shared this video with my children so they could see an inspirational story and how a community of faith can impact those around them.  My youngest child is three.  For context, I explained that this would have been as if I had not been at home since before he was born.  Needless to say, that opened their eyes to the reality of the situation.

The community of faith that surrounded this family helped support the mother and her children through the birth of a child and the effort to help the husband come to America.  It is inspiring to realize the impact that just a few individuals can have on a family.

In this holiday season I am thankful for inspirational moments such as this one.  It shows that there are still positive, uplifting stories out there to hear and share.  It also reminds me that I have the opportunity to participate in miracles by helping others in their time of need.

Question: Do you have an inspirational story you can share with me? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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