Are You Aware of the Potential in the Choices You Make?

My life has been picking up steam lately. The weight of studying for a rapidly-approaching professional exam has begun to increase. Busy season at work has started. Hurricane Matthew bearing down on the SC coast caused my family to make a quick decision to evacuate inland. As the deadline for another blog post has rolled around, I find myself lacking motivation and energy to meet the challenge.

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As I pondered what topic would be a good idea for this week, I remembered an idea that inspired me recently – the potential in the seed. I knew immediately that giving up and not writing a post this week was not an option.

Part of the reason I write this blog is to sow seeds. I am sowing seeds related to writing, building relationships, and discipline. I am not completely sure exactly what the harvest will look like, but I am confident that it will be good.

At some point in the past, I heard a story about an apple. The first question is, “how many seeds are in the apple?”. Of course, this is easy to answer. Cut open the apple and count the number of seeds found inside. The second question is much more difficult. Take one of the seeds in your hand. “How many apples are in the seed?”

Asking how many apples are in the seed gets at the potential within the seed. My choices are like a seed that has yet to produce. Everyday decisions have the power to yield a harvest in my life.

I would prefer a bountiful harvest of desirable outcomes. The alternative is much less attractive. This requires making choices that are in line with planting seeds to yield the results I want.

Some positive examples include:

  • Planting seeds of discipline yields maturity and responsibility.
  • Planting seeds of proper rest yields more productivity during the day.
  • Planting seeds of adequate water intake yields health benefits to the body.

Some negative examples include:

  • Planting seeds of negativity yields a sour attitude.
  • Planting seeds of laziness yields a poor work ethic.
  • Planting seeds of distrust yields damaged relationships.

These are just a few examples. There are more that can span the spectrum from far better to much worse. Regardless, the choices we make each day have power over the future state of our lives.

My challenge to you this week is to make sure you are deliberately making your choices. I encourage you to look at each choice as a seed you are planting. You will harvest a result at some point in the future. Do everything in your power to make it a good harvest!

Question: What do you hope to harvest in the future? Are you making choices that will produce what you desire? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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