Are You Waiting for the Journey to be Safe?

One of the books that has influenced me recently is The Art of Work by Jeff Goins. This book is a treatise on “how to abandon the status quo and live a life that matters with true passion and purpose”. If that is of interest, I highly recommend reading it!

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In one section of the book, Jeff tells the story of Bryan. After almost ten years at a Fortune 500 company, Bryan chose to leave his job and pursue a career as a writer. It seems that many of Bryan’s conversations with his colleagues had a recurring theme. After explaining his dream, Bryan would hear the lament, “I wish I could do that”. When Bryan would suggest to his colleagues that they could, a list of reasons why they couldn’t was always ready on the tip of their tongues.

Bryan’s dream exposed the fear evident in making a choice of this magnitude. I would posit that having fear about making such a decision only displays our humanity. Most people would have anxiety about taking the same leap. If not they may not have realistically evaluated the consequences of the decision. The book notes that the problem isn’t the fear itself but refusing to move on because of that fear.

The anxiety of not knowing what to do can paralyze us and wash a dream from our heart. I love the conclusion that Jeff draws:

“What we’re really saying in these moments of not knowing is that we want the journey to be safe. We want it drawn out for us – no surprises or setbacks, just a clear beginning and end”

 Yes! Unfortunately, in almost all circumstances, our dreams are never illuminated this clearly for us.

I write many of these blog posts as much to encourage myself as anyone else. Today’s post is no exception. I have to remind myself that just because moving forward is scary does not mean I should refrain from stepping out. Certainly, I want to do so with as much wisdom as possible but, too often, waiting for more information is an excuse to never act.

One of the final sentences The Art of Work telling Bryan’s story includes this challenging insight.

“The path to your dream is more about following a direction than arriving at a destination.”

I can see this playing out in my own journey with this blog. When I started I thought I would be writing much more about how to use technology to drive efficiency. I feared not living up to my own expectations. As I began to walk down the path, I discovered a passion to encourage people to move forward, plan strategically, and make choices now that will affect them months and years down the road.

My dream for this blog continues to evolve as time passes. I do not know exactly where it will end up, but I am glad to be moving. Thank you for participating in the journey with me!

I encourage you to pursue your dreams. Do not allow fear of the unknown to stop you from pursuing your dreams. The world is waiting for amazing accomplishments, innovations, and ideas to be birthed from the dreams in the hearts of people just like you and me.

Question: What dreams have you not started moving on yet? Are you playing it safe due to fear? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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