Daring To Believe That You Are “Talent On Loan From God”

There is a well-known radio host who uses the phrase “talent on loan from God” to describe himself. I am often uncomfortable with his repetition of this phrase. It brims with a confidence and self-assuredness that I lack. Yet, there is something in the statement that always resonates with me.

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Wrestling with my own self-worth has been a challenge for many years. Attempting to measure up to a mythical standard that only exists within my mind seems to be an endless journey. Just when I think I have kicked the ball far enough and in the right direction the goal posts move. Trying to feel good by pleasing others is a recipe for frustration.

Through the years my struggle with self-worth has improved. I have gained confidence as I have walked out my faith in God and understood more fully who I am created to be. I am convinced that God has given me life to live here and now. Why is it so hard to consider myself “talent on loan” from Him?

Here are some of the reasons I have been able to determine:

  1. I don’t believe that I have anything worth contributing. It is so easy to fall into this thinking pattern. But each of us is created with unique strengths and abilities. We all have something worth contributing. There are undiscovered opportunities in the marketplace for people to utilize their passions to serve and benefit others. Rather than sulking in our situation, perhaps our energy would be best used to mine for those opportunities.
  2. I am not worth investing in. In a loan scenario the borrower receives something of value in exchange for periodic payments. As these payments are made, the borrower’s interest in the property increases. It is not a perfect analogy, but if I am on loan the relationships I am developing are those investments. By believing that I have little value to the community around me I rob them of the proceeds from an investment in relationship with me.
  3. I have all the time in the world. Even though I am not as young as I once was, it takes no effort to slip into a mindset that does not recognize my mortality. Time is rapidly slipping by, and I will not be around indefinitely. When the term of God’s loan on my life is finished the chance to exercise my talent ceases. It is critical not to waste the days we have been given.

Overcoming these lies is difficult. For me, it is impossible without relying steadfastly upon my relationship with God. I would contend that all of us are “talent on loan from God”. What are you doing with that talent? I encourage you not to get wrapped up in beliefs that hinder you from sharing it with the world. You only have one life to live, and those around you need your contribution. Employ the talent God has given you before the loan term is up and we all miss out on the proceeds of the investment.

Question: Do you believe that you are “talent on loan from God”? What is hindering you from acting on your belief? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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