Do Not Miss The Benefits Of Writing

More than one year ago I embarked on the journey of publishing this blog. In fact, almost exactly a year ago is when my original commitment to write a blog each week ran out. My goal was to make it from the beginning of June to Labor Day 2016 posting every Monday. There were times when I felt like giving up, but thankfully, I was able to overcome that resistance and did not allow failure to be an option.

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Although I was a good student in English class during my years of schooling, I never considered myself much of a writer. I was a math and science person. My attitude towards writing was one of something I had to do in order to get good grades. I do not recall ever thinking it might be an activity for enjoyment. And yet…I have now written a blog post every week for fifteen months.

I would venture a guess that many readers probably have the thought, “there is no way I could do that.” Even if you have the desire to do so, I bet there are doubts in your mind. How do I know? Because I was once at the same place!

Before going any further, let us review a few benefits of writing:

  1. It can help us process our thoughts. More than one person has mentioned this concept to me. I did not think about writing this blog in these terms when I started. However, I have observed how writing challenges me to consider the words I choose to communicate. Sometimes it takes re-writing sections multiple times to clearly express what I am trying to share.
  2. We improve with practice. The more we do something the better we get at it. I have shared this thought many times, but it bears repeating. I have found that writing blog posts has changed the way I write emails at work. It is common for me to back up and find a different phrase to more appropriately communicate the message I am sending.
  3. Reflection. Just this week I found myself discouraged about my progress in a particular area of life. I received an alert on my phone from my journaling app and read an entry from five years ago. Reading it changed my perspective and helped me to see just how far I have come over the years. I admit that I have not yet found an efficient way to synthesize all that I have written in my journal in the past, but every time I read a journal entry from history I am convinced that writing is worth it.
  4. We get to share part of who we are. Writing provides another way for us to communicate our values and beliefs. My children are readers of this blog, so this writing is becoming part of my legacy. It complements the influence I already have on them in everyday life. Sharing my life through the written word can also influence people with whom I do not have a direct physical relationship.

Now back to the issue at hand – our doubts! In order to experience the benefits of writing, we have to actually write. You may not consider yourself a writer, but I would encourage you to consider it. Start small. Perhaps a journal. As you write you may find a message inside that has to get out. One of the ways to impact the world around you is through written communication. We may need to hear your message!

Question: What would you write? What is keeping you from writing it? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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