Eyes Are On You. 3 Simple Principles for How to Act

This week I ran across a booklet of corporate material from a previous employer. It contained various motivational sayings that had shaped the corporate culture through the years. One page jumped out to me. It stated, “Life is a long distance race. There is always someone watching.” This reminded me that there are always people observing how I act, respond, and treat others.

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I can think of two primary groups of individuals who watch me on a regular basis, my children and my employer. Children pay attention to the smallest of details about all of life. They watch how I treat my wife and how I consistently interact with them. My employer is observing not only my job performance, but how well I fit into the team with my fellow employees.

As I think about others observing my behavior, I am reminded of three principles that influence how I should act in all situations:

  1. I must be aware of my potential to impact others. How I act will influence how others act. As a father I help establish the culture of my home. If I regularly display a frustrated and angry attitude, it is likely that my children will mimic this behavior. At work, if I am passive and do as little as possible to get by, my co-workers are likely to follow suit or grow to resent my negative actions.
  2. How I act reflects on my character. Warren Buffett said, “It takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” There are many opportunities each day to act honorably and do what I know is right. I have heard character defined as “doing what is right when no one is looking.” That is important, and it is just as important to do right when people are watching!
  3. Actions speak louder than words. My word should be my bond. It is essential that I do what I said I will do. My physical actions reveal my true motivations. I can say repeatedly that I want to lose weight but continuing to eat a poor diet betrays my true desire. This principle can be especially revealing with children. My children can sniff out when I am living contrary to how I have told them to behave. I have had to apologize to them saying one thing but then doing another. What a humbling experience!

I encourage you to remember that someone is always watching and observing your behavior. You have an opportunity every day to be a positive influence on others.

Question: Have you identified some people who are regularly watching you? Are your actions bringing a positive or negative influence? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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