How to Stay on Track to Achieve Your Goals

As I pause and reflect, it is amazing to realize that I have been writing one blog post each week for the past eight months.  That is a win in my book!

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This week I ran across a blog post by John Meese who is one of my favorite people to follow online.  In his post, he used a quote with which I deeply identify.

Despite writing a blog post every week, I experience the emotions in this quote regularly. I love the sense of accomplishment I get from completing a post, but the process of getting the words onto the page and arranged in a coherent format can be taxing.

I find that there are times in my life where I want the results of a choice without exerting any effort.  For example, I want a blog post to appear every week without me spending the time to produce it.  Another example, I want to lose weight without changing what I eat.

If you can relate to these same feelings, I want to encourage you to pursue the goal you have in mind.  I have written about getting started before.  Here are three lessons I am learning that may help you stay on track to achieve your goal.

  1. Consistency.  John’s blog post made me think critically about my writing habits.  I recognized that I need to be more consistent in writing throughout the week rather than all at one time.  I evaluated my schedule and am working on committing a small amount of time each day to writing.  Inconsistently making steps towards a goal is a recipe for accumulating unmet goals.
  2. Know “why”.  On his radio show, Dave Ramsey regularly suggests that people go back to “why” they are making a plan for their money.  Often this is because a spouse has tried to start with “what” instead of helping their partner see “why” a plan is best.  This week, I stumbled upon a journal entry I made last May where I wrote down why I was starting my blog.  Rereading my journal was invaluable for perspective and refocusing why I do this every week.
  3. Give yourself a deadline.  One of the keys to good goal setting is to assign a time limit for accomplishing the goal.  This is how I started my blog.  I determined the day I would start and then publicized it.  I committed myself to posting on that day, or I would not live up to what I said I would do.  Each week I know that Monday morning is coming, and I need to have a post prepared.  A deadline provides motivation to make steps towards completing a goal.

For the past eight months, I have been able to experience the joy of “having written”.  In the process, I have even begun to enjoy writing.  Don’t let the process of doing something stop you from pursuing a goal.  Having completed a task or goal is worth the effort.  I promise!

Question: What goals are you pursuing right now?  What suggestions would you offer for staying on track? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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