Should I Just Give Up on the Challenge?

At the beginning of June I committed to posting a new blog entry every Monday through the last week of August. My challenge to myself was a new article every week between Memorial Day and Labor Day. I knew it would be difficult especially since I do not consider myself all that much of a writer. To this point I have enjoyed the process and opportunity that I have each week, but during the past couple of weeks I have sensed that I am coming to the end of myself. I do not know that I have what it takes within me to make it through to the end. Have you ever found yourself having similar thoughts?

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The weekly grind of life can wear down the most dedicated of individuals. I recognize this within myself. I long for the positive results of my choices to be quick and easy. I despise the journey that is long and hard. I read this quote on Twitter this week: “all progress takes you outside your comfort zone”. This statement jolted me back to reality! If I want to play it safe and not make an impact, all I need to do is stay where I am comfortable.

Analyzing my beliefs and how I was feeling has challenged me to change my thought processes. Moving forward productively has required that I adopt a different mindset. Here are three conclusions that are helping me do that:

1. I want to be pushed beyond what I think is possible – As I was out running one day I recognized that I constantly desire to run a personal best. I am always pushing myself to improve my time. This is usually met with mixed results. However, I recall running a personal best in a competitive race simply because I had to beat another racer. I would not allow him to beat me! Being pushed by someone or something else can help me reach beyond what I think is possible.

2. Get clear on the goal – I need to have a well defined idea of where I am headed. I don’t want to aim at the wrong target. I have learned that focusing on the end result of my commitment helps me to overcome the obstacles in the path. Each time I take a step forward a seed is planted that will affect who I am in the future. I anticipate the bountiful harvest of those planted seeds.

3. I need a cheerleader in my corner – I cannot stress how important this is! My wife has steadfastly supported my efforts in all areas of life. When I get down she is there to help encourage me to keep going. It is critically important all of us have someone who will serve this role in our lives. Having a spouse, friend, or mentor to provide support will get us back on track and headed down the path to victory!

Take heart! Diamonds are formed through high pressure and time. Circumstances that bring pressure to bear only help to reveal the true diamonds in the rough!

Question: What do you find helpful in times of difficulty? How do you overcome obstacles when you just want to give up? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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