Six Special Traits Of Mothers To Be Celebrated

Prior to Mothers Day in 2014, American Greetings created the video below about the “World’s Toughest Job” – motherhood. To date this video has been viewed almost 27 million times! This is a testimony to the truth contained in the video and the way that it pulls at our heartstrings. Take a look and see if you can resist getting a little misty eyed.

Yesterday was a day to honor mothers. I determined I would continue that theme today. Here are six traits I have observed that are worthy to be celebrated in our moms.

  • M – A motivation to serve others. Giving of themselves is a prerequisite for the job. The demands on moms come from all directions and walking this path with grace is one of life’s greatest challenges.
  • O – A focus on others. This fits hand-in-hand with the first item above. Mothers desire to see those around them succeed. This includes providing valuable support and encouragement when others need a pick-me-up or a kick in the pants.
  • T Tender, loving and affectionate. Mothers perceive the needs of their children and have an instinctual knowledge of how to respond. This often includes “tough love” when corrective action is needed.
  • H Happy! Who wants to be around a sourpuss? A cheerful disposition lightens the mood in the midst of challenging circumstances. A mother’s response to a situation can set the tone for how her children will respond.
  • E Enthusiasm and dedication to family. A mother’s passion can inspire her children to reach new heights of accomplishment. Her cheering from the sidelines can encourage them to tackle the largest of obstacles.
  • R Responsive to the inner voice of truth and peace. A mother will listen closely for the voice of wisdom inside. This will guide her in how to serve and also when it is time to take a moment to herself.

This is merely a list of six traits I identified. I have seen each of them at work in my wife as she mothers our children. I am thrilled to declare that she is my inspiration for this post. Way to go, Honey!

I am sure there are numerous other characteristics of good mothers that we could list. I hope these thoughts will inspire you to think of the positive ways that your mom has impacted you.

Question: What additional traits have you observed in a mother you love? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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