The Benefits of Recognizing Time is Limited

Life is brief...don't waste the time you do have.

A couple weeks ago I shared the story of a friend of mine who was in an accident severing his spinal cord. Thankfully, his life was spared. However, I recently received word about three people within my life’s orbit passing away unexpectedly. All of these individuals were relatively young (under 50). My friend’s accident and these deaths caused me to consider the brevity of life. I then ran across this story online.

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In short, the author is a woman who is dying of ovarian cancer. She extols the virtues of her husband expressing all that she loves about him. She wants him to find love again after she is gone. But the line that really got me was in one of the paragraphs near the end of the story: “I want more time…” She repeats this phrase several times emphasizing her longing to experience more that this life has to offer.

Time is the most precious of nonrenewable resources. Each moment passes quickly never to return again. As I age I wish I could preserve the memories more vividly than my mind allows. I see my children growing up much more rapidly than I care to admit. I want more time as well.

Unfortunately, I will not get any more time than anyone living on the planet. I am allotted 168 hours a week just like everyone else. I can think of at least three benefits to recognizing this limitation.

  1. It sharpens the focus on what is most essential. Am I working on what really matters? Am I wasting time on unimportant pursuits? It is important to be acting on the most important tasks or relationships that will help me to meet established goals.
  2. It is not necessary to sweat the small stuff. Is my anger at the motorist who just moved in front of me in traffic worth it? Is getting frustrated with slow service at a restaurant helpful?  I have heard it said that “it is all small stuff.” A little perspective on life will allow minor inconveniences to fall by the wayside.
  3. It is important to keep refining the alignment of life. Am I heading in the direction that will help me to arrive at my desired destination? It can be easy to allow life to distract me from purposeful pursuit. Regular evaluation of decisions I am making will ensure alignment with my identified mission.

Life is short. Do not run from this reality. Recognize it and make sure that the time you have been given is being used to its maximum potential.

Question: What are some ways you can better embrace the time you have left? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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