The Bottom Line on Launching My New Adventure

It has been a dream of mine for many years now to own my own business. Several people have inspired me along the way. Perhaps most notable on my list are Dave Ramsey, Dan Miller, and Michael Hyatt.

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You may or may not have heard of any of these men but they all now have a large group of followers. Dave Ramsey is a financial guru espousing a no-debt lifestyle that some find radical. Yet his advice resonates in my heart as the way to live. Dan Miller is a small business idea wizard and career coach. His book 48 Days to the Work You Love helped me to identify my desire to live a life of servanthood. Michael Hyatt is a virtual mentor and leadership coach. He encourages others with strategies to build a platform and win at work and succeed at life.

Over the past several years I have allowed the the ideas and thoughts from these men to simmer in my heart. Along with their input and that of several others I am inspired to action. The thought that continues to bubble to the top is that of serving others. This includes sacrificial serving and serving of others through a business venture. The idea that being a blessing to others and giving of myself seems embedded in my DNA.

During the past two years I have transitioned to a new career field. Through this process I have been able to identify and put into words a passion that burns within my heart. That is “to use technology to drive efficiency”. Discovering this and being able to verbalize this concept has put wind in my sails. Recognizing that I hate inefficiency drives me to look for solutions. For me, these solutions always engage technology in solving or automating tasks. In fact, I thrive on the hunt! I can’t begin to describe the joy that fills my heart when I can put in place a solution. Meeting the needs of someone I am helping is so energizing!

Working with technology is something that seems to be second nature to me. I enjoy finding solutions that seem hidden to others. To this point many of the results I have produced are borne out of problems that I have encountered. Recently I have had the privilege to begin to branch out and help others. One example was an opportunity I had to help point someone to a platform for budgeting. In another instance I developed an online form. This form simplified sign up and administration of small groups at a local church.

My ultimate goal is to help others inscribe their mark on the world. My ambition is to do this by solving problems and streamlining operations. I also want to encourage you to move in the direction of your passion. Today is the day I launch a platform to begin this process. I will be posting a new entry here every week for the next 3 months on Monday. Over the next several weeks I hope to share some ideas that will inspire and benefit you. Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I look forward to engaging with you in a meaningful way during this journey.

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