The Good News Found at the Cross

There is an old media adage that says, “If it bleeds, it leads.” Psychologists suggest that we have “negativity bias”, a hunger to hear bad news. In today’s hyper-connected age of 24-hour news cycles and social media firestorms, I know exactly what the top headline would be if the events of almost two-thousand years ago had occurred this week:

“Jesus of Nazareth Crucified Along with Two Others”.

Photo Credit: MartinStr via pixabay

Imagine…newspaper columns and social media timelines filled with the details of the story. Reporters and opinion editors working overtime to get the scoop on what happened and why. Scores of people endeavoring to provide the most salacious and gory particulars of the event. For some, the death of Jesus is welcome news. At least now He no longer dominates the headlines. For others who embraced Jesus and His teaching, the crucifixion brings feelings of devastation. This is the end of a seemingly once-promising life.

But, three days later…

What would the headlines be? How would the media react?

The controversy! The intrigue!

“Jesus’ Disciples: ‘He is alive!’”

“Resurrection: Is it Possible?”

“Leaders Claim Jesus’s Body Stolen”

Once again, we must employ our imagination. Various news outlets ignore the event. Prominent news anchors battle to interview the supposed eye witnesses and broadcast their story. Social media is filled with various accounts and gossip about what actually happened. Civic leaders instruct military authorities to maintain peace and order. Scientists debate death and the science behind the possibility of coming back to life. Investigative journalists are tracking down a story about bribes paid to the guards on the overnight watch.

This story could be ripped right out of the headlines today! But, with all of the dispute, upheaval, and our penchant for bad news, what would go missing from the news reports? The good news! Is there any good news in the crucifixion of Jesus? Yes! How could there be? Because He came back to life.  He is alive!

I understand that these assertions may be controversial or make people uncomfortable. I am confident they are true, and I am okay with you if you are not so sure. I find it reasonable and prudent to ask questions like these. In fact, I encourage you to seek out answers that will satisfy the questions you may have surrounding this subject. (If you are wondering where to start I would suggest The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel or Evidence That Demands A Verdict by Josh McDowell)

The gospel and good news of Jesus Christ is that He lived a sin-less life and died on a cross so that whoever believes and accepts Jesus as Savior can become a child of God the Father. There is nothing left to do in order to earn a reward from God. What Jesus did on the cross completed the work necessary. He is writing His precepts on my heart and developing His character in me.

I do not intend, nor can I convince you, through this one post to believe anything. However, I am satisfied that God is able to reveal the truth. When I ask questions, I have found Him faithful to lead me to the answers I need. The answers are not always what I want to hear, but I have found that in those instances God grants me peace about the situation. I am certain He will do the same for you.

My prayer is that you will be inspired by these thoughts. I hope that you are thankful for what God has already done for you or motivated to seek out the answers you want. God bless you wherever you find yourself within that spectrum!

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