The Lesson of the Ceiling Fan

Earlier this week my wife asked me to head up cleaning the ceiling fans. One of my sons immediately piped up and said he would help do it. When we started on the first fan he questioned, “Why does dust stick to the fan?”

Photo Credit: funeyes via pixabay

What a great question! I had no idea, so I did what every twenty-first-century dad would do and I Googled it. Of course, Google had an answer for us. Static electricity! As the fan blades turn, they “rub” against the air causing friction that causes the blades to develop a charge. Dust molecules in the air are also charged and, therefore, “stick” to the charged fan blades.

The process of cleaning the ceiling fans turned out to be functional and a learning experience. As I thought more about the ceiling fan, I found three principles that I could apply to my own life.

  1. Friction can result in attraction.  As I described above, the friction of the fan blades creates static electricity that attracts the dust molecules. I relate this to networking. The more people that I come in contact with, the more chance I have of making an impression (hopefully it is positive!). As I develop a larger network, there is a greater chance that some of those people will be attracted to what I am doing, offering, saying, etc…
  2. Be persistent.  A ceiling fan continues to spin as long as it is connected to its power source. I equate this power source to my purpose. As long as I am clear on what my purpose is, I must continue to be persistent in pursuing the goal. There are many times when I am tempted to not keep writing this blog. However, my thoughts always turn to my desire to have the results of writing change me. If I give up on writing, I also give up on the results I want.

I am excited to start a new year of writing this blog. Hopefully, I have at least inspired you to never look at a ceiling fan in quite the same way again. Best wishes for the new year!

Question: Did you know why dust sticks to your ceiling fan? Are you moving toward some goals you have set for yourself? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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