What I Learned from My First Reader Survey

First, and foremost, THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to participate and respond to the survey. Several people that I follow online encourage bloggers to regularly take a reader survey. It is the best way to get actionable data on an audience.

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As I was finalizing the survey last week, I begin to realize that it might be difficult to get much response with a smaller audience. After researching the topic, I decided that I would hope for at least 5 complete responses. I determined in my heart to be happy with that number. I am thrilled to report that I received more than 10 responses to my survey! That may seem like a small number, but I can assure you that I received a treasure-trove of helpful information.

All respondents indicated their favorite topic was either personal development or fatherhood. This was not a surprise. However, more people than I expected responded that they liked the posts about fatherhood most. Since I have written only a few posts about that subject, I will be making a more concerted effort to focus on writing about my journey as a father.

One of the most prominent pieces of advice I’ve seen for bloggers is to share stories from life in order to connect with the audience. The responses to my survey fall in line with that wisdom. While I have done a fair job of sharing from my own life, I am compelled to provide more practical, relate-able, and humorous stories.

A majority of respondents indicated that they struggle with not enough time, clarity, or inspiration. I definitely relate to all three of these responses. I plan to put these in my idea-reservoir and consider addressing them in the future.

Because my passion is to use technology to drive efficiency, I included several questions about technology in the survey. I am surprised by the many varied thoughts about technology. Some of the responses caused me to ponder the role of technology in our lives. My intention is to put some thought into how I can communicate ways technology can simplify life and not just make it busier.

Overall, I am pleased that I conducted a reader survey. I look forward to utilizing your input as I move forward with the mission. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

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