Will You Take the Challenge to Invest in Yourself?

When I started writing back in early June, it seemed like September was a long way off. The challenge to write a blog post each week was daunting. I made it!! While at times it has been difficult, it has also been rewarding. Along the way, I have been able to learn about myself. My goal today is to share some insights I have gleaned from this experience and to encourage you to invest in learning about yourself as well.

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One of the first lessons I learned from writing a blog post each week is that being creative is hard work! I knew going into the experience that it would be difficult. However, knowing and doing are very different! Actually living with the pressure to produce each week became a reality. In addition to writing my blog, I have also had the opportunity to begin writing some articles for professional publications. Through the process, I have begun to enjoy writing!

As I was preparing to launch my blog I researched tools that could be of assistance to others. One of the tools I came across was the Hemingway Editor. It is a free tool that can help make writing more readable. I generally use it to test out drafts of each blog post. The second lesson that I learned is that I commonly write sentences that are too long and complex. This was very eye-opening! Then, to my amazement, I began to catch myself writing sentences that were too long. This enabled me to make the correction before getting to the proofing stage.

Another tool that I use regularly is the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer. It does exactly what its name suggests. It is a free tool that scores blog-post headlines on quality. One of the areas that it scores is word balance. Emotional words are one of four components that make up the word balance analysis. You would have laughed yourself silly if you had witnessed me the first time I was creating a headline. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get the emotional words score above 0%! This was the third lesson I learned: I struggle with communicating emotion. It is an area that I hope to improve.

Over the past three months, I have had the opportunity to learn these valuable lessons about myself. What have you learned about yourself this year? If you have difficulty answering this question, there are two simple tips that I would offer you:

  1. Be intentional. There are only a limited number of hours in the day. Learning what motivates you and how to apply your skills takes time. If this is not a priority, it will get pushed to the back burner and you risk never doing it.
  2. Invest in yourself. This can take on many forms – both paid and free. Read a book. Listen to a podcast. Attend a conference. Hire a personal coach. I recently read this article that suggests investing 3% of your income on yourself. This is just a suggestion. Most important is to start thinking about how much to invest in yourself.

Learning more about yourself can be a daunting and revealing task. Stepping forward through improving weaknesses or building on strengths requires commitment. Knowledge is the start of that process. The insights gained will be invaluable and help clarify the path ahead.

Question: What tools have you used to make discoveries about yourself? What steps are you going to take moving forward? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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